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Cactus & Succulent Society Plant Donation
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tony Rangel reading the certificate inscription to the Governing Board Members.
Photos taken by Melinda Finn

Tony Rangel, President of the Friends of the Palomar College Arboretum and Richard Talmo, Palomar College Director of Development/Executive Director for the Foundation.  addressed the Governing Board Members on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 to acknowledge the large cactus and succulent collections donated by Palomar Cactus & Succulent Society. A total cash value was estimated at $435,530.00.

There will also be a plaque placed in the Cactus and Succulent Garden with the same information as the certificate of appreciation.

1962 2011
Palomar Cactus and Succulent Garden
was designed and planted by the founding members of the Palomar Cactus & Succulent Society:

Mitch Beauchamp, Al Chamberlain, Allis De Rege, Gilbert Garcia, Mildred Gregory, Alfred Hansen, Mrs. Augusta Hansen, Charles F. Harbison,  Helen Hegyi, Orie Imes, Dorothy Miller, Elmer Peterson, and  Fred Servatius.

Their efforts will be forever appreciated.

The Garden was funded, maintained and expanded for 49 years under the supervision of dedicated PCSS members who served as managers and organized member volunteer workdays. Among those managers we thank:  Art Holden, Katie Macdonald, Al Resnick, Betty Wollrich and Garden Manager Richard Henderson who has dedicated 15 years of service to the garden since 1997.

 The thousands of specimens contained within the garden were donated by the Palomar Cactus & Succulent Society in 2011.  We hope that the garden will continue to expand and flourish for students, staff, faculty and the public to enjoy for many years to come.

Palomar College Superintendent/President Robert Deegan congratulating Peter Walkowiak.
Mr. Walkowiak is President of the Cactus and Succulent Society.

Robert Deegan, Tony Rangel, Peter Walkowiak and
Governing Board President, Darrell McMullen

Robert Deegan, Tony Rangel, Peter Walkowiak and Darrell McMullen