Transcript FAQ

  • What types of transcripts are there?

    • Unofficial transcripts can be printed for the student's own record through Student eServices

    • Official transcripts are processed through the Transcript Office and may be sent directly to colleges, employers or the student

  • How can I obtain a transcript?

    • There are 3 ways to obtain a transcript. View your options to the right. 

  • What if I need a transcript right away?

    • Internet requests are processed in 1 business day for a cost of $13 per transcript

    • in-Person or Postal Mail Rush Service may be requested for a cost of $10 per transcript, and is processed in 2 business days.

  • Under what circumstances will my transcript be held?

    • Failure to make payments of any amounts owed to the College when they become due, is considered sufficient cause to withhold future enrollment, grades, transcripts, diplomas, certificates and/or degrees.

    • Disciplinary holds

  • Will I be able to order my 2 free transcripts online?

    • Students are entitled to receive two free transcripts in their career under the Education Code and may request them online.

  • Does Palomar College accept electronic transcripts

    • Yes, Palomar College does accept EDI transcripts. However,  transcripts sent to a Palomar email address are not accepted.

You can request transcripts by:

General Information

  • All financial obligations to Palomar College must be cleared before transcripts will be issued.

  • Transcripts may not be picked up by another person unless the student has given written authorization with the request. The designated person will be expected to show a picture I.D. before obtaining the transcript.

  • A Palomar College transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment at Palomar. Partial transcripts are not available. In addition, the College will not provide students with copies of another institution's transcript that we may have in our possession.

Transcript Fees

Students are entitled to receive 2 free transcripts in their career under the Education Code.

  • Fees:

    • $13.00 per transcript (after first two free transcripts) via Internet processing (1 business day)

    • $5.00 per transcript (after first two free transcripts) in person via postal mail for regular processing (7-10 business days)

    • $10.00 per transcript (after first two free transcripts) in person or via postal mail for rush service processing (2 business days)

  • Fees are payable by:

    • Check made payable to Palomar College

    • Credit card: Visa or MasterCard only (request must include credit card number, expiration date, and signature of card holder)

Over the INTERNET through TranscriptsPlus

The quickest and most convenient way to request a transcript is to order it online through
TranscriptsPlus. Palomar College has partnered with Credentials Inc to accept transcript orders over the Internet via a secured site. Please contact Credentials Inc. Customer Service at (800) 646-1858 if you need assistance with this service. Hours of operation: M-TH: 7 am - 7pm Central Time and F: 7 am - 5 pm Central Time. If you do not have access to the Internet, call Credentials Inc at (847) 716-3000.


  • 24/7 access: The student can enter the request around the clock from the comfort of his/her own PC from anywhere in the world.

  • Faster Service: Records from summer session 1983 to present can be mailed within one business day. Records prior to summer session 1983 will be mailed within five business days.

  • Easy address look-up: A pull-down menu will provide the addresses of many schools.

  • Exact addressing: The student enters the address exactly as it should appear avoiding the risk of transcripts being misdirected because of typographical errors or the inability to decipher a hand-written address. 

  • Release Form online: The student types the required information onto a web form instead of printing out a form and completing it by hand.

  • Easy checking: The student can look online 24/7 to make sure the transcript has been printed. If express mail service was purchased, the tracking number can be viewed. If there is a problem in processing, the student will receive an email notification and can see what the problem is immediately, without waiting for the mailed notification.

  • Exact pricing: The student is told immediately what the total cost will be, and can pay by credit card. The student doesn't have to worry about delays caused when a check is sent in the wrong amount because the student had to guess the amount owed. 

  • Communications channel: an email is sent to the student each time that there is a status change in the transcript order. From receipt of the order to the notice when the transaction is completed, the student is automatically notified each step of the way. This becomes especially important if there are any problems with the order such as holds or encumbrances.

Current Students:

  • Sign in to Student eServices

  • Click on the Student Center tab

  • Under "My Records and Enrollment", click on the Official Transcript link

  • Follow the instructions on the TranscriptsPlus order form.

Former Students (attended prior to Summer 1983):

  • If you are a former student/alumni of Palomar College and are not able to log in to Student eServices, please click below to order a transcript through the TranscriptsPlus /Palomar College web page

  • Submit a Request

Click on Check Order Status to check the status of your transcript order:

Check Order Status


You may come in person to submit a request at the Transcript Office, located on the west end of the Student Services Center on the San Marcos campus.
SSC Bldg

You may request regular or rush service, and fees are payable when the request is turned in.
Photo Identification (Palomar ID or legal picture ID) is required at the time the request is made and at the time pickup is made. Your transcript will not be given to a representative unless you send a signed note authorizing Palomar College to release it.

Regular Service requires 7-10 business days processing time (not including mailing time, holidays or weekends). There is a $5 fee per transcript after requesting the two free copies.

Rush Service requires 2 business days processing time for your transcripts (not including mailing time, holidays or weekends). It will be mailed out to the address you specify. There is a $5 fee per transcript for this service, in addition to the $5 transcript fee.


If you wish to request your transcript by mail, please print the Transcript Request Form
(pdf format - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader) or include the following information in your letter to Palomar College:
    • Student's full name or name used while in attendance
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number or Palomar Student ID Number
    • Current address
    • Daytime telephone number
    • Graduation date or years attended
    • Name and address of the individual or school to receive the transcript
    • Number of copies requested
    • Student's legal signature on the request

    Include payment by check, money order or credit card (MasterCard or VISA only). Regular processing requires 7-10 business days and costs $5 each after the first two transcripts in a student's career. Rush processing requires 2 business days and costs $10 each ($5 transcript fee and $5 rush service fee). Processing time does not include mailing times, holidays or weekends.

    All fees and signatures must be received before transcripts are issued. Please make your check payable to Palomar College. MasterCard or Visa payments require you to provide credit card number, expiration date, and cardholder signature on your request.

    Mail your request to the address listed below.

    Palomar College
    Attn: Transcripts
    1140 W. Mission Rd
    San Marcos, California, 92069