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Finance & Administrative Services

Finance & Administrative Services | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The Administrative Services Division is dedicated to the demonstration of “community-based” support services. 


Our mission = Service. 


Service:  To provide the finest quality support services by Administrative Services Departments (Business Services,  Contract Services, Facilities, Fiscal Services, Information Services and Payroll).


Below is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” that is developed to be of assistance to the staff and faculty of Palomar College.


Should a question arise that is not listed, please contact  the division office on extension 2109. 


To quickly move to a specific department or subject please click the link(s) to the right:



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 How do I get information on the web about Business & Contract Services?

The web page for the Palomar Business Services Department is:


How do I order office supplies from Office Depot?

There are two ways to place orders with Office Depot. If you do not have a Cal Card, you will have to fill out a Purchasing Requisition. If you do have a Cal Card, you need to email the Business & Contract Services Staff Assistant at ext. 2122 with your request. You will need to include your extension, the last 4 digits of your Cal Card, and the expiration date of your card. You will be set up at the Office Depot secure website with a logon, password, and an online training document.


What is a Cal Card and how do I obtain one?

The CAL-Card program is designed to allow District employees to purchase supplies/materials and equipment, valued under one thousand dollars ($1,000), through the use of a Visa® credit card. Its purpose is to provide an alternative cost effective way to obtain low-value goods that would otherwise be purchased using purchase orders. The CAL-Card is issued for government entity use only and contains limitations and special features including: single purchase transaction limits, cycle limits, authorized merchant categories, and approval procedures.

The CAL-Card is issued only to an employee who is a full-time permanent District employee having a business need for such. When determining and justifying who has significant business/operations need for the CAL-Card, Approving Officials should consider the following criteria:

• The ability to satisfy the purchasing needs of several employees within the same department
• The projected dollar volume of CAL-Card purchases
• The projected frequency of CAL-Card usage
• Issuance of the Cal-Card should be needs based and not be solely for the convenience of the employee
• Number of existing cards in the department/area

The CAL-Card must only be used by the Cardholder whose name appears on the card. Cardholders are delegated limited purchasing authority on behalf of the District. With this limited delegation of authority, the Cardholder is fully responsible for the goods purchased, following District purchasing guidelines, and ensuring that sufficient funding is available to pay for purchases at all time. District purchasing guidelines can be found at the following website:

For information on applying for the CAL-Card, click here. 
Apply for a CAL-Card


How do I obtain certificates of insurance from outside agencies or companies?

The Business & Contract Services Department is responsible for preparing proper insurance solicitations for the District’s liability coverage.  All District-wide insurance policies are administered through the office of the Director of Business Services.


Contractors doing work on campus or education centers must be required to file the following proofs of insurance with the District prior to receiving authorization to proceed on a contract:

a.  Certificate of Insurance confirming $1,000,000 combined single limit general liability coverage and automobile liability coverage, both naming the Palomar Community College District as an additional insured, and copies of the endorsements to the policies naming the Palomar Community College District as an additional insured.

b.  Proof of workers’ compensation coverage.

Should any of the above-described policies be cancelled prior to their expiration dates, the issuing company shall mail 30 days written notice of cancellation to the District.  The contractor shall maintain current insurance documents, for all of the above coverages, on file at the District during the term of any contract with the District.


How do I obtain a District certificate of insurance required by an external business or organization?

Use of facilities or other agreements often call for the District to submit proof of insurance. Please the Contact Business & Contract Services Staff Assistant at ext. 2122 with your request for a certificate of insurance.


What business opportunities are available with the College?

Vendors can review how to do business with the District and see current opportunities at

Who is responsible for contracts and agreements at the College?

Business & Contract Services provides contract services to the executive administration, faculty, and staff. All construction contracts for public works projects by the District are let through the Office, and contracts and Board resolutions on a wide variety of topics are prepared.  Please see for additional information.


How do I have a contract/agreement prepared, reviewed, and/or submitted for Board authorizations?

All contracts/agreement must be submitted to Business & Contracts Services with an attached review form  Please contact Business & Contract Services for any questions related to District contracts/agreement. 


How are public works projects (construction services) requests put out for competitive quote or bid?

Public Works Projects (construction services)

$1,000 - $5,000                         Depending on the nature of the given work project, comparison-shopping needs will be determined by the Business Services Department, Contracts Department or Facilities Department, as applicable.

$5,001 - $14,999                       The Business Services Department, Contracts Department, or Facilities Department, as applicable, will attempt to solicit at least three (3) written competitive quotations.

$15,000 – Up                            “Formal bidding including advertising and Board Approval is required” (California Public Contract Code).

Note:  Any “works of improvement” (work involving labor), the total cost of which exceeds $15,000, must be accompanied by a labor and materials (payment) bond prior to the commencement of work, or the contractor may not be paid.


Vendors are responsible for the accuracy of quoted prices submitted to the Business Services Department.  In the event of a discrepancy between a unit price and its extension, the unit price will govern.  Quotations may be amended or withdrawn by the bidder up to the time of opening of the bids.


It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their quotations are received in the Business Services or Contracts Office no later than the designated hour and day of the bid opening time and date, as specified in the request for bid.


All bids/quotations become a part of the Business & Contract Services Department’s records and may be reviewed upon request by interested parties after the bid is awarded.  No bids or quotations may be removed from the Business Services or Contracts Department.


Who is authorized to sign contracts/agreements?

There are three individuals authorized to sign contracts/agreements for the District.  These include the President, the Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services, and the Director of Business & Contract Services.


How do I contact Auxiliary Services management?

Food Services can be accessed at  The Bookstore can be accessed through  Contract management matters should be addressed to the Director Business & Contract Services at ext. 2125.


How do I get copies made?

To get copies made you can go to any one of Comet copy machines on campus.  There are machines located in the following rooms.  A-23, F-6, Instruction Office, GJ-1 and at the Escondido campus.  The machines in GJ-1 and F-6 are manned with employees to copy your work for you.  A-23, Instruction and Escondido are self-serve machines you use yourself. To get copies made in GJ-1 and F-6 a Comet Copy work order form must be submitted with the work to be copied. In A-23, Instruction office and Escondido you do not need to fill out a work order. All copy machines require an access code, if you do not know your code you must obtain it from your department ADA or Chair.


How do I obtain business cards?

To have any materials printed on campus submit a completed Creative Services work order along with the information to be printed to the Print Services department.  For more information about Print Services please go to following link:


How do I use Fed Ex, UPS, etc?

Please go to:


How do I obtain a mailbox key?

Contact the Business & Contract Services Technician in the Mailroom at extension 2811 and ask for a key.  If they are available, they will be signed out to you immediately.  If additional keys are not available, the department must have keys made off campus.


Are stamps available to purchase?

No, stamps are no longer sold in the Mailroom.


Can employees ship personal items through the Mailroom?

Only first-class and priority mail that has postage already affixed can be sent through the Mailroom.  However, if the weight of the mail piece is 13 ounces or over, the package must be taken to the post office because of current postal regulations.


Can the warehouse store items for campus departments?

Only if space is available and arrangements are made with Warehouse Services prior to receiving shipment.


Who is responsible for moving/transferring furniture on campus?

The Custodial Department is responsible for all moves and transfers on campus.  Warehouse Services is responsible for moving and transferring furniture to all the off-site campuses.


Who do we contact for surplus pick-up?

You must first fill out a surplus request form, accessed through the Facilities Department web page.  The completed form (with all necessary signatures) should then be forwarded to the Facilities Department.  They will notify Warehouse Services when the surplus is ready for pick-up.  Note: the I.S. department must be contacted for computer related items.  I.S. will fill out the surplus form.  Furniture, chairs, etc., with no property tag will be picked up by Warehouse Services as soon as possible.


How do I obtain a Capital Outlay and Facilities Request Form?

Access the Facilities Forms webpage: and select the Capital Outlay & Facilities Request Form.

For more information regarding the Capital Outlay Process, access the Facilities Planning Manual through the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office webpage as follows:


Routine questions regarding this process should be telephoned into Kelley Hudson-MacIsaac, at extension 2772 or sent via email to:

Where do I obtain information regarding Space Inventory Procedures?

Access the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office webpage as follows:

The physical space inventory database provides the statistical basis for many internal, state and federal reports regarding campus buildings, their usage and occupants.


Routine questions regarding this process should be telephoned into Kelley Hudson-MacIsaac, at extension 2772 or sent via email to:

Where can I locate budget forms and instructions?

How do I obtain travel approval?

Complete a Request for Travel Approval/Claim for Travel Expense form (top and left side), obtain approving signature(s) and send to Fiscal Services.  You may obtain the forms and additional travel information by going to:


How am I reimbursed for travel?

Fill out the same Request for Travel Approval/Claim for Travel Expense form requesting reimbursement by completing the right side of the form, attaching receipts and obtaining authorized signature. To obtain forms and instructions go to:


How am I reimbursed for business mileage?

For employees who travel frequently and routinely fill out a Business Mileage Claim form.  To use the business mileage claim form employees must also complete a Blanket County Travel Approval form for the entire fiscal year.  To obtain forms and instructions go to:


How do I make arrangements and pay for airfare?

Airfare can be obtained by one of a few methods.  You may obtain the procedures by going to:


How long does it take for a reimbursement check to be issued?

Advance travel registration and lodging payment requests, reimbursement claims and business mileage claims must be received in Fiscal Services on Tuesday by noon, in order to make the weekly check run on Thursdays.  Employee checks are disbursed on Friday’s and sent through campus mail.  Checks issued to hotel and registration vendors are mailed directly to the vendors.


Who do I call if I have a computer or printer problem?

Information System's Helpdesk at ext. 2140.
Where would I find information about buying a computer or software?
For work or home use, you can obtain the information at: http://www.palomar.nibblesandbits
How can I change my password on my computer?
Hold down CTRL/ALT/DELETE keys on the keyboard.  The bottom, left-hand side button should say "Change Password". Click on that button and follow the steps.  If you have any problems, please call ext. 2140 for help.
How do I set up for computer use and email?
Have the department ADA, Chair, Supervisor, Manager, Director of VP fill out the Access Request form that can be found on the IS web page:
Who do I contact if an employee is no longer working for Palomar College and their computer accounts need to be removed?
Use the Access Request form (, fill out hte "remove" part of the form.
If I log into any computer on campus, why can't I get my email from Outlook on all of the computers?
Outlook email is configured for one person - per one computer (your regularly used computer).  You may obtain your email form any computer world wide, by going to  You will connect to a logon page and all of the instructions to continue are on that page.
How do I order a new telephone, fax service or data line?
Fill out the Data Telephone Services Request form which can be found on the IS web page:, get the appropriate signatures and account information, turn the form into the Information System's Helpdesk.  Helpdesk will process the paperwork and create the work order for Telecommunications tech or contracted vendor to complete the work.
Who can help me with PeopleSoft questions?
Call the Helpdesk at ext. 2140 and they will either answer your question or create a work order for eithe ra tech or programmer to help you.
Who do I contact if I have questions or problems with a phone?
Call Information System's Helpdesk at ext. 2140 or hte Switchboard at ext. "0".
Who would I contact if I cannot remember my PIN number for the telephone?
Call Switchboard at "0" or Information System's Helpdesk at ext. 2140, they can re-set it.
How can I start a TSA?
First you must open an account with the company you want to participate in.  Second, make sure that the company you want to contribute to is on the list of approved TSAs.  If it's not, please contact Jackie Wood at ext. 2884.  If the company that you want to contribute to is on the list of approved Vendors, fill out a 'Salary Reducation Agreement' and turn it in to Payroll Services.  The 'SRA' is availabe on the following web address:
 How can I cancel any of my voluntary deductions?
Please complete Cancellation Notice of Voluntary Payroll Deduction available at this web address:  Submit Cancellation Notice to Payroll Services for processing.
How do I get a new classified absence report?
Contact Cyndi (x 2937) in Payroll to get a copy.  They are not online.
I would like to buy back PERS service credit.  How do I get paperwork?
Call PERS at 1-800-352-2238.
How many hours of sick time do I get each year and when do they get advanced?
96 hours are advanced to 12 month, full-time classified employees.  Anyone with less than 12 month and/or less than 100% assignment receives a proprtionate number of hours, e.g. a 10 month, 80% employee will be credited with 64 hours of sick leave.  All full-pay sick leave is advanced on July 1st.
What happens when I run out of sick leave?
You will automatically be put on 1/2 pay for any sick hours reported.
What happens if I run out of personal necessity?
Those hours will be charged to vacation, if you have any; otherwise, they will be docked.
If it's close to the end of the fiscal year, can my next fiscal year's sick leave allowance be advancd to me?
What happens if I still have personal necessity hours left, but I have no sick leave at full-pay remaning?
If you have a zero balance in sick leave, you DO NOT have any personal necessity either.  Payroll will be making a manual adjustment to zero out any remaining personal necessity when sick leave has been exhausted.
I need more vacation than my check stub shows that I have?
If you need more than one day, you must request advanced vacation (form in payroll or on website).
I'm scheduled to be off-salary 3.6 hours; how long is .6?
36 minutes (.6 * 60 min).
What are the pay dates for adjunct faculty?
Pay dates for full length semester classes are as follows:  Summer semester - July 20 & August 20; Fall semester - September 20, October 20 & December 20; Spring semester - February 20, March 20, April 20 & May 20.  When the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, pay day is the preceding work day.  Questions regarding payment for non-conventional assignments should be referred to Cathy Hawkins, ext. 2138.
I don't seem to have enough Federal &/or State taxes taken out of my paycheck.  Why?
Due to the annualized tax schedule & the division of adjunct pay, there are some cases that the taxable gross is not subject to Federal &/or State tax, or very little.  Additional taxes can always be deducted by indicating an additional amount on a W-4 (Federal) or DE-4 (State) form.
When can I use my sick leave?
As stated in the Adjunct handbook, "Sick leave may be used when the instructor is ill or in cases of personal necessity including any of the following:  death or serious illness of a member of immediate family; accident, involving person or property, or property of a member of immediate family; appearance in court as a litigant or as a witness under an official order."  Jury duty is not compensated for missed adjunct or overload classes.
Why are my hours different this semester from last semester?  I'm teaching the same class.
This question should be referred to your Academic Department Assistant.  Holidays can affect your total hours for a semester, but these hours are determined by your department.
When is pay day?
Pay day is the last day of each month.  If it falls on a weekend, pay day will be the Friday prior.  If it falls on a Holiday, it will be on the previous business day.
When are time reports due?
Time reports are due in the Payroll Department the first business day following the 15th of each month.
Where can I get a time report?
Time reports are available on the Payroll Webpage or in the Payroll Department.
How do I get my pay check?
Pay checks are mailed on pay day.  Direct deposit is available and recommended.
When is pay day?
Pay day is on the 10th of each month.  If it falls on a weekend, pay day will be the Friday prior.  If it falls on a Holiday, it will be on the previous business day.
When are time reports due?
Time reports are due in the Payroll Department the first business day following the 24th of each month.
Where can I get a time report?
Time reports are available on the Payroll Webpage or in the Payroll Department.
How do I get my pay check?
Pay checks are mailed on pay day.  Direct deposit is available and recommended.
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