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Name Administrative Classification Title Email Ext.
Barnaba, Ruth Educational Tutoring Services Program Coordinator 2238
Barton, Michelle Educational Director, Institutional Research, Planning and Grants 2534
Bianchi, Rico Classified Manager, Web Development Services 1549
Borden, Dick Classified Senior Institutional Research Analyst 2361

Cathcart, Scott

Educational Director, Athletics 2464
Cerda, Phill Classified Manager, Broadcast Operations 2429
Coleman, Susan Classified Internal Auditor/Analyst 3764
Conway, Jayne Educational Director, College Health Services 2671
Cruz, Anthony Classified Interim Chief of Police 3971
Day, Michael Classified Information Services Manager, Systems and Programming 2140
Dimmick, Mike Classified Information Services Manager, Network & Technical Services 2140
Flores, Espy Classified Manager, Payroll Services 2217
Gavin, Calvin One Deer Educational Director, Grant Funded Student Programs 2379
Gropen, Laura Classified Director, Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs 2152
Haines, Ron Educational Director, Disability Resources 2378
Hoffman, Janet Educational Manager, Education Center/Counselor 760-725-6626
Jones, Shawn Classified Manager, Fiscal Accounting 3660
Laderman, Phyllis Classified Director, Fiscal Services 2119
Large, Michael Classified Institutional Research Analyst 2361
Magnuson, Kendyl Educational Director, Enrollment Services 2172
Medel, Tom Classified Manager, Education Center 3351
Miller, Christopher Classified Director, Facilities 2629
Morrow, Blaine Classified Director, CCC Confer/3C Media Solutions 1529
Odom, James Classified Manager, Educational Television and KKSM Radio Operations 2445
O'Neill, Yasue Classified Coordinator, International Education 2167
San Agustin, Mary Educational Director, Financial Aid, Veterans & Scholarships Services 2373
Smiley, Justin Classified Manager, Performing Arts Production
(Reclassed 6/14/2011) 2455
Smith, Mollie Educational Director, Occupational & Noncredit Programs 2286
 Sullins, Don Classified Director, Information Services 2140
Talmo, Richard Classified Director, Development/Executive Director for the Foundation 2733
Taramasco, Michelle Classified Manager, Client Services 1542
Taveuveu, Brandi Classified Manager, Budget 2880
Titus, Sherry Educational Director of Student Affairs 2595
Vargas, Jose Classified Information Services Manager, Network & Technical Services 2140
Veach, Diane Classified Manager, Instruction Office 2248
Vacant Classified Director, Business Services    
Vacant Classified Director, Workforce & Community Development    
Vacant Classified Human Resources Analyst
Vacant Classified Manager, Human Resources Services    
Vacant Classified Manager, Education Center (Escondido Center)    
Vacant - New Classified Manager, Construction & Facility Planning   In Progress   
Vacant - New Classified Title III/STEM Institutional Research Analyst, Research and Planning  In Progress   
Vacant Classified Police Lieutenant    
Vacant Classified Manager, Library   In Progress   
Vacant Educational Director, Public Safety Programs    
Vacant Educational Director, Extended Opportunity Program and Services    


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