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20 Active Training Programs:  Volume 1
By: Mel Silberman Assisted By: Vicky Whiteling

25 Training Activities for Creating and Managing Change
By: Mike Woodcock and Dave Francis

175 Ways to Advance Your Career:  Short, Practical Reminders to Help Keep You on Track
By: Don Kennedy


180 Ways to Walk the Customer Service Talk:  The How-to Handbook for Everyone in Your Organization (3 copies)
By: Eric Harvey and The Walk the Talk Team

180 Ways to Walk the Recognition Talk:  The “How To” Handbook for Everyone
By: Eric Harvey

1001 Ways to Energize Employees
By: Bob Nelson

A Learning College for the 21st Century
By: Terry O’Banion

A Miniature Guide to the Art of Asking Essential Questions
By: Linda Elder, Richard Paul

Access in the Information Age:  Community Colleges Bridging the Digital Divide
Edited By: Gerardo E. de los Santos, Alfredo G. de los Santos Jr., and Mark David Milliron

American Academic Accountability:  To Whom and For What? Volume 2 / Number 1 March 2006
By:  American Federation of Teachers

Assessing Faculty Publication Productivity: Issues of Equity
By: Elizabeth G. Creamer

ASTD 2004 Competency Study:  Mapping the Future:  New Workplace Learning and Performance Competencies
By: Paul R. Benthal, Karen Colteryahn, Patty Davis, Jennifer Naughton, William J. Rothwell, and Rich Wellins

Beating the Odds:  Raising Academically Successful African American Males
By: Freeman A. Hrabowski III, Kenneth I. Maton, and Geoffrey L. Greif

Creating High Performance Organizations:  Practices and Results of Employee Involvement and Total Quality Management in Fortune 1000 Companies
By: Edward E. Lawler III, Susan Albers Mohrman, and Gerald E. Ledford, Jr.

Creating Learning Centered Classrooms: What Does Learning Theory Have to Say?
By: Frances K. Stage, Patricia A. Muller, Jillian Kinzie, Ada Simmons

Customer Service and Sales Skill Standards
By: Sales & Service Voluntary Partnership and National Skill Standards Board

Developing Successful Partnerships with Business and the Community
By: Mary S. Spangler, Editor

Effective Tools and Tips for Getting the Most From Your Work Relationships:  Communication Miracles at Work
By: Matthew Gilbert

Embracing the Tiger:  The Effectiveness Debate & the Community College
By: John E. Roueche, Laurence F. Johnson, Suanne D. Roueche, & Associates

Enacting Diverse Learning Environments: Improving the Climate for Racial/Ethic Diversity in Higher Education
By: Sylvia Hurtado, Jeffery Milem, Alma Clayton-Pedersen, Walter Allen

Enrollment Management for the 21st Century: Institutional Goals, Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility
By: Garlene Penn

Excellence in Adjunct Instruction (VHS Video Tapes)

Facilitator’s Manual for On Course:  Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life
By: Skip Downing

Faculty Workload Studies: Perspectives, Needs, and Future Directions
By: Katrina A. Meyer

Fish: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results
By: Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, John Christensen

Handbook for Community College Policy
By: Education Commission of the States (ECS)

How to be a Successful Manager
By: Donald Weiss

How to Become an Employer of Choice
By: Roger E. Herman, Joyce L. Gioia

How to Control Your Life Through Self-Management:  Get Organized
By: Donald Weiss

Increase your Registrations and Revenue:  Effective Seminar/Conference Marketing
By: Ralph Elliott

It’s Strictly Business Responding to Change (VHS Video)
By: Roger E. Herman

Keeping Good People: Strategies for Solving the #1 Problem Facing Business Today
By: Roger E. Herman

Leadership Strategies for Community College Executives
By: Gunder Myran, George A. Baker III, Beverly Simone, Tony Zeiss

Lean & Meaningful: A New Culture for Corporate America
By: Roger E. Herman, Joyce L. Gioia

Linking Training to Performance, A Guide for Workforce Development Professionals
Foreword By: George R. Boggs and James McKenney
Edited By: William J. Rothwell, Patrick E. Gerity, Elaine A. Gaertner

Management Fads in Higher Education:  Where They Come From, What They Do, Why They Fail
By: Robert Birnbaum

Media Survival For Law Enforcement Officers: A Guide to Successful Encounters with the News Media
By: Gary Nitchman

On Course:  Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life
By: Skip Downing

On Q:  Causing Quality in Higher Education
By: Daniel Seymour

Proclaiming and Sustaining Excellence: Assessment as a Faculty Role
By: Karen Maitland Schilling, Karl L. Schilling

Quality-Driven Designs:  36 Activities to Reinforce TQM Concepts
By: Marlene Caroselli

Reframing Organizations:  Artistry, Choice, and Leadership
By: Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal

Resource Guide:  A Key to Organizations Working in Employee Training, Labor-Management Relations, Work Restructuring, Workplace Literacy
Prepared By: The National Alliance of Business

Signs of the Times: News You Can Use to Drive Your Future
By: Roger E. Herman

Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions
By: Philip Kotler and Karen F. A. Fox

Taking a Big Picture Look @ Technology, Learning & the Community College
Edited By: Mark David Milliron & Cindy L. Miles

Team Building:  How to Build a “Winning” Team
Written By: Charles Mallory
Edited By: National Press Publications

Team Building for Quality:  Transitions in the American Community College
By: George A. Baker III and Associates

Team Tools
By: The Belgard Group, Inc.

Team Tools:  Part 1 – Module 8 Trainer Manual
By: Belgard, Fisher, Rayner, Inc.

Teamwork Training
By: Sharon Boller

Timeline Issue No. 84 November/December 2005

Timeline Issue No. 83 September/October 2005

Timeline Issue No. 82 July/August 2005

Timeline Issue No. 81 May/June 2005

Timeline Issue No. 79 January/February 2005

Timeline Issue No. 78 November/December 2004

Timeline Issue No. 77 September/October 2004

To Teach with Soft Eyes:  Reflections on a Teacher/Leader Formation Experience
By: Richland College, Dallas County Community College District
Edited By: Rica Garcia

The 2005 ASTD Training & Performance Sourcebook
Mel Silberman, Editor and Patricia Philips, Assistant Editor

The Academic Administrator and the Law:  What Every Dean and Department Chairs Needs to Know
By: J. Douglas Toma, Richard L. Palm

The California Nonprofit Corporation Kit
By: Attorney Anthony Mancuso

The Community College Story
By: George B. Vaughan

The Miniature Guide to the Art of Asking Essential Questions
By: Dr. Linda Elder and Dr. Richard Paul

The On-Purpose Business:  Doing More of What You do Best More Profitably
By: Kevin W. McCarthy

The Practical How-To Guide for Today’s Leaders:  The Process of Excelling"
By: Roger E. Herman

The Powerful Potential of Learning Communities: Improving Education for the Future
By: Oscar T. Lenning, Larry Ebbers

The Process of Excelling: The Practical How-To Guide for Today’s Leaders
By: Roger E. Herman

The Race Without a Finish Line:  America’s Quest for Total Quality
By: Warren H. Schmidt and Jerome P. Finnigan

The Successful Presenter
By: William A. Draves, CAE

Training for Trade:  Community College Programs to Promote Export
Edited By: Lourdene Huhra and Mary L. Fifield

Turbulence: Challenges & Opportunities in the World of Work
By: Roger E. Herman

Workforce Stability: Your Competitive Edge, How to Attract, Optimize, and Hold Your Best Employees
By: Roger E. Herman, Joyce L. Gioia

Zero Base Budgeting in Colleges and Universities
By: L. James Harvey, Ph.D


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