1Escondido Campus is now OPEN.
Welcome back students!

NCEOC is a grant funded student program (GFSP)
sponsored by Palomar College. The program is
designed to identify and assist adult participants
who want to enter, re-enter, continue, or enroll
in a program of postsecondary education.

During the 2012/2013, the NCEOC served over
1000 students. We are excited to help even
MORE students this year! Call or stop by ST-26 in
San Marcos or Room 6 in Escondido to schedule
an appointment.

Applying for college can be VERY OVERWHELMING. Guess
what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! NCEOC is here to help you through the process and be SUCCESSFUL.
 We can help you find a program that offers HS diploma/GED completion
•We can help you choose an academic program that matches your career interest

• We can help you understand the college application process and help you fill out the application

• We can help you understand the financial aid process and help you fill out the FAFSA and BOGW

• We can help you identify other campus/community resources that
will support your academic success



Important dates for Fall 2013

August 19: Fall semester begins & Fast Track 1 begins
August 24: Fall Saturday classes begin
September 2: Labor Day Holiday
September 3: Non-instructional Day
October 15: Fast Track 1 ends
October 17: Fast Track 2 begins
November 11: Veterans’ Day Holiday
November 28-30: Thanksgiving Holiday
December 10-16: Final exams for all students/
Semester ends
December 25-30: Winter Break
Jan 1: New Year’s Day Holiday


CEOC staff would like to acknowledge one of our
program participants. Gabriel Ruvalcaba was veryexcited to be pursuing his postsecondary education,and we are all very sad to hear that he has passedaway. Our thoughts go out to his family during thisvery difficult time.

Remember, Palomar College offers MANY other programs that can help you be successful. Be sure to research and access any additional student support services you may need, such as:

 Disability Resource Center (DRC)
 Extended Opportunities Programs and Services
(EOP&S)- Deadline is September 6th 2013!
 General Counseling
 Palomar College Tutoring Center
 Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

For more information refer to

Calvin One Deer, Director, Grant Funded Student
Programs- TRiO/NCEOC

Patricia Rodriguez, Staff Assistant,
Felicity Smith, Outreach Coordinator,
Erin Moreno, Program Assistant,
Gabriela Lopez, Program Assistant,
Kenia Valdovinos, Program Assistant,